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News of 12/14/2004 : - D Day-1. Tomorrow, that's the release of My Story. It will contain 17 tracks. Here is the definitive tracklist and a visual of the 4 covers which will be available: (to note that the official site of Ayumi is remade with the My Story colors).

- Ayumi has recorded an emission named "Happy Xmas Show". This live took place outside and will be diffused on December 25th. (Credits : and AyuFanFrance forum )

- Site news : In perspective of the birthday (In February), I work on a new version of the site. You will take advantage of a new site, more beautiful and especially more functional. V2 : Coming soon ;-) --- Neocarter ---

News of 11/24/2004 : -At this end of year 2004, Ayumi is going to multiply public appearances. Indeed, she will be first of all in Music Fair on December 11th of this year and she will be to the Music Station Super Live 2004 on December 24th. We doesn't still know which will be the program of these 2 appearances. Wait and see... (Source : et Ayunite!)

News of 11/16/2004 : First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of news of those last months. I am going to make everything to avoid it reproduces. Well, square to news!

- First of all, a new CM for Panasonic is released. It concerns D-Snap. We can hear in background of this CM a song entitled " my name's WOMEN ". This CM is available on the site of Panasonic. (Source : Ayunite!)

- Then, according to the site, the next album of Ayumi will release on December 15th 2004. It will be named " My story " and will be sold in 2 versions (CD only or CD+DVD). To note that the CD+DVD edition is a limited edition. Other particularity: this album will have, as A-Ballads, several dress handkerchiefs. Now, the "My Story" 's tracklist :

News of 09/29/2004 : -And Here we are. Today, the new single of Ayumi, CAROLS is released. To note that the PV of CAROLS is diffused in Japan since September 24th. The tracklisting of this single is the following one :

-Furthermore, it's also today that the DVD of the Arena Tour 2003-2004 A is released. Very very good live in perspective with among others the interpretation live of Because of You and Memorial Address

News of 08/31/2004 : - I am back after a long period of holidays. During this period, there were many things in the small world of Ayu. Indeed, here are some news which fell during this periods :

- A new MORINAGA CM is released. This advertisement aims is to promoting the "BAKE". It lasts 30 seconds and is available in streaming on the site of Morinaga. (Source : Cloud - AHS )

- After the release of "INSPIRE" another single was announced. Indeed, he is entitled CAROLS and will release on September 29th of this year. It will be declined in differents versions. CD, CD+DVD and finally, Audio DVD. (Source :

- By speaking about CAROLS, we can hear an extract of this song in the last CM of Panasonic for Lumix FX7. This one is accessible in streaming on the site of the brand. This extract lets suspect a very beautiful ballad. To note that Wallpaper of this advertisement is available here. (Source : Unimatrix Prime - AHS)

- A new DVD is also foreseen in calendars. It's about the Arena Tour 03-04. It will release on September 29th of this year. (Source :

- The 2005 calendar of Ayumi will be available in October in shops on the price of 2100 Yen. (Source : REON?? - AHS -

News of 08/06/2004 : - Site news : As you can see, the forum is offline for the moment. There is a breakdown on the server. This one is now in maintenance during some time. We hope that it will be accessible on next Wednesday.

News of 08/04/2004 : - New development to Avex. Max Matsuura and Ayumi will not leave finally the house of disk. Indeed, an agreement was finally found between both parts. We shall continue to see Ayumi at Avex. Good or bad thing? Only the future will say it to us... ( Source : AHS - Ayunite! )

- On the other hand, we know the sales statistics of Avex for the year 2003. As you can see on the following chart, Ayumi is still far classified in front of BoA, which arrives in second position. In the third position, we find Every Little Thing. ( Source : - AHS )

News of 08/01/2004 : -Since some days, the INSPIRE single is released. it directly took place at the head of top Oricon. Another beautiful performance of our beautiful Ayu. congratulations ! :-) ( Source : Oricon )

-On the other hand, a rumour announces the next departure of Avex of the producer of Ayumi, Max Matsuura. It remains vague but if it was brought to be confirmed, it will be very likely that Ayumi would follow her producer of always. ( Source : AHS )

-The date of release of the next calendar of Ayumi is known. Indeed, it will go out in October for 2100 yen. ( source : )

-To note also the new bullfighter's costume of the official site of Ayumi. Indeed, for the release of INSPIRE, this one is remade in color of the single.

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